Keto & Paleo Snacks That You Might Not Have Thought About (Dairy & Nut – Free)


So it’s not lunch and it’s not dinner… Yet you feel like you may gnaw on your arm because you’re so hungry. You also know stopping at a fast food restaurant isn’t a smart idea because well, we all know that fast food isn’t exactly the healthiest thing for us.

This video lists a few of my favorite snacks that you may have never even thought of or heard of before (I am sure you have heard of hard boiled eggs, LOL)…So hopefully it gives you some new ideas that you find tastier than stopping to get a “small” fast food combo with a milkshake to “tide you over” until dinner, hahaha!

Epic Bar, Venison:
Epic Bar, Chicken Sriracha:
Nick’s Sticks:
Canned Octopus & Sardines:
Pouched Salmon:
Designer Protein, Egg Protein, Vanilla:
Kiss My Keto Birthday Cake MCT Creamer:
Kiss My Keto Birthday Cake Protein:
Quevos Egg Chips:
The Real Coconut:
NuCo Coconut Crunch Cereal:
Osso Good Bone Broth Soups:
Sugar – Free Dark Chocolate:
Snack Olives:

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